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Mastering Technology 
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IT Training / Consulting

Mastering Technology is a high-end Information Technology consulting and training company, dedicated to the effective harnessing of technology for maximum return on investment.  

Microsoft Products

We are primarily a "Microsoft-centric" solutions provider, with industry-leading experts on Windows 2000/2003, Active Directory, Back Office, and other products.  We also provide training and consulting on Novell, Unix, Linux, and other platforms, but usually as part of a Windows 2000/2003 or NT environment.

Customized Solutions

Unlike many consultants or training companies, we design solutions around you. We will not try to change you or your company to fit our solutions (unless you want us to). This includes time constraints, content, budget, and other considerations. 


Mastering Technology has trained and consulted with many Fortune 500 companies around the world, as well as many small and medium size firms.  Our clients have many good things to say about us, and we know you will, too.