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Planning & Designing Active Directory and Windows 2000/03 Enterprise Networks
1-day workshop

The first day of Windows 2000/03 for IT Professionals 4-day workshop may be taken as a stand-alone option. This intensive workshop provides comprehensive insight, allowing you to architect an effective plan for Active Directory, prepare your current network for Windows 2000/03, and avoid costly mistakes during testing, planning, and rollout.

Workshop Overview

  • Active Directory unveiled: terms, tools, concepts & structure
  • Plan and design an Active Directory for your enterprise
  • The schema - how attributes & object classes make it all happen
  • An introduction to ADSI and tasks you can automate with VBScript and other tools
  • Determine the most effective domain structure and naming strategy for your organization
  • Implement powerful DNS configurations and learn how to best integrate Active Directory with your existing DNS servers
  • Uncover command-line and resource kit tools that supplement the GUI Active Directory management plug-ins, and learn what gaps still exist
  • Investigate Active Directory replication in enterprise networks and lay out an effective site structure and replication topology
  • Avoid common and costly errors in the design of domains, organizational units (OUs) & groups
  • Analyze OU design strategies and Active Directory models and select the best for your business
  • Of course, you'll learn the skills to utilize the Active Directory Installation Wizard (dcpromo.exe) to create domain controllers and all of the MMC tools it takes to manage domains & OUs
  • Delegate administrative rights and privileges
  • Centrally configure settings, security, and software using Group Policy
  • Integrating Active Directory with Windows NT/9x networks
  • Examine support for down-level systems in Windows 2000/03's mixed mode and unleash Active Directory's full power in native mode
  • Integrate down-level systems with the Active Directory client for Windows 9x and NT 4.0
  • Determine the most effective migration plan from Windows NT 4.0 using migration (including the Active Directory Migration Tool) or in-place domain upgrade