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Exchange 2000 for IT Professionals
3-day workshop

The most time-efficient and cost-effective workshop of its kind dives under the hood of Exchange 2000, Microsoft'sŪ messaging and collaboration platform, to uncover real-world, best practice implementation guidelines and solutions.

This course combines skills training, careful analysis of critical concepts, comprehensive simulations of real-world scenarios, lively discussions and think-tank brainstorming with skilled IT professionals and industry experts. A complex, multi-system network, controlled by the instructor, replicates real-world IT configurations and common issues, allowing you to concentrate on applying your learning to overcome exactly the kinds of challenges you face in your environment. Students are immersed in the depths of the technology as the instructor uses case study and student questions to guide the course, unearthing best-practice recommendations designed to help you solve critical problems in your enterprise. Learning is more comprehensive and more effective, as your brain focuses on the content, on the challenges, and most importantly on the solutions. It's real-world knowledge you can put to work immediately.

who should attend?
Microsoft Exchange Server system administrators, architects, and designers who plan, install, configure, customize, administer, and troubleshoot Exchange 2000. IT pros with familiarity with Windows 2000 fundamentals including installation, file systems, and the MMC; basic understanding of Active Directory; operational experience with Exchange 5.0/5.5 or other messaging platforms; understanding of TCP/IP, DNS, and network infrastructure.

what will you learn?
Discover what it takes to leverage Exchange 2000's powerful new web store, administrative control, Active Directory integration, conferencing capabilities, recoverability and scalability. Ensure successful implementation of, or migration to Exchange 2000 with this intensive workshop. 

Workshop Overview

Unveiling Exchange Server 2000

  • Understand design objectives
  • Explore web-store features
  • Exchange Installable File System

Exchange 2000 and Active Directory

  • Intensive Active Directory for Exchange Administrators
  • Physical and logical structure of Active Directory
  • Exchange 2000 integration with Active Directory
  • Exchange 2000 and Active Directory services & dependencies

Installation and Deployment of Exchange 2000

  • Hardware Requirements
  • Preparing a Forest
  • Installing into an Existing Exchange Organization
  • Preparing a Domain

Configuration and Management

  • Utilize the Exchange System Manager
  • Analyze client access strategies

The Architecture of Exchange 2000

  • SMTP Transport Engine
  • Information Stores
  • Administrative Groups

Information Stores

  • Storage Groups and Information Stores
  • Managing Transaction Logs
  • Backup and Restore Considerations
  • Mailbox Store Limits and Policies

Public Folders and Information Stores

  • Exchange 2000 Public Folder Features
  • NNTP-based Design
  • Outlook Permissions
  • Public Store Limits and Policies

Routing Group Connectors/Gateways

  • Understanding Message Routing
  • Legacy/Foreign Email System Gateways
  • Administering the Link-state Router

Managing Internet Connectivity

  • Configuring SMTP Virtual Servers
  • Configuring the SMTP Connector
  • Adjusting SMTP Protocol Settings
  • Outlook Web Access

Scalability and Resilience

  • Front-end/Back-end Servers
  • Windows 2000 Load Balancing
  • Firewall Topology

Instant Mail and Data Conferencing

  • Instant Mail Design
  • Instant Mail Configuration
  • Data Conferencing Design
  • Data Conferencing Configuration

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

  • Viewing Queues
  • Event Log
  • Starting/Stopping Services
  • Mounting Information Store
  • Enabling Logging
  • Tracking
  • Cleaning Mailboxes