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Mastering Technology 
Giving you the knowledge to make it work

Mastering Technology provides training by industry-leading experts on Microsoft operating systems and products including  Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows 2003, Active Directory, Microsoft Back Office, and other products. 

Mastering Technology has created a body of content for instructor-led training that features detailed student training materials, instructor guides, and live demonstrations of key concepts and skills, allowing employees to focus on learning new features successfully and learn important information efficiently.  This training content can be quickly customized  to meet the specialized or specific needs of your enterprise. Mastering Technology can combine skills training, careful analysis of critical concepts, comprehensive simulations of real-world scenarios, lively discussions and think-tank brainstorming with skilled IT professionals and industry experts. 

Practical (hands-on) exercises 
We also can provide live, focused, practical training exercises, preventing the inefficiencies associated with traditional hands-on training.  A complex, multi-system network, controlled by the instructor, can replicate your real-world IT configurations and common issues, allowing you to concentrate on applying your learning to overcome exactly the kinds of challenges you face in your environment. Participants are immersed in the depths of the technology as the instructor uses case study and student questions to guide the training course, unearthing best-practice recommendations designed to help you solve critical problems in your enterprise. Learning is more comprehensive and more effective as you focus on the content, on the challenges, and most importantly on the solutions. It's real-world knowledge you can put to work immediately!

A self-paced interactive multimedia e-learning training program demonstrates and documents the most important concepts and skills. It is designed to enable you to complete training on your own schedule, and at your own location. E-learning is a useful resource for review, reference, reinforcement, and remote learning.

Have the best of all worlds by implementing appropriate project management, technical consultants, instructor-led training, e-learning, and practical training exercises.  

Please follow the link above to view our areas of expertise, or call us at (937) 252-9450 for additional information or to discuss your existing or future training needs.